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Trump Indicted

As Obama operatives begin preparing for Michelle Obama to replace the faltering Joe Biden, they know have a problem on their hands: Michelle’s shameful history of exploiting the Black community
Fighting fires should include overturning the Ninth Circuit’s 2015 Cottonwood ruling
Wildfires and Progressive Climate-Change Deniers
Mayor: Why should my town bail out failure of Dems on illegal migrants?
Civics education’s decline creates ignorant adults whose voices and votes hurt us all
The truth about puberty blockers: the FDA hasn’t approved them for gender dysphoria, and their effects are serious and permanent
The FBI's manufactured narrative for the Biden corruption investigation has collapsed
“We tried socialism. We ran the experiment. It was a catastrophe. Worst environmental record on the planet.”
California professor sues college over enforcement of approved ideology, punishment of independent thought
Daniel Penny Speaks Out About Death of Jordan Neely "... he would have killed somebody"
MLB pulled gay-themed logo after just one day of "pride" month
Female Athletes Ask Circuit Court to Keep Biological Males Out of Women’s Sports
University demands conservative students pay $18,000 in security, damage fees after leftists riot at their event — even though school officials allegedly encouraged protests
FBI blinks, provides full access to Biden bribery documents
Fed-up judge threatens Hunter Biden with six months in jail
Fox News attempts to shut down Tucker Carlson's new Twitter show
NY Post Editorial Board: SPLC should add itself to its "hate group" list
California sucks so bad that even Superman can't take it any more
Killer MS-13 gangsters are being bused into our communities as ‘minors’
St Louis police car sends gunman flying [video]
Massive trans healthcare scam exposed
Instagram algorithm actively promotes and connects a vast pedophile network
Woke gynecologist blasted for saying Dylan Mulvaney is a woman despite having XY chromosomes and a penis

ACLU sides with James O'Keefe on case involving FBI raid of his home concerning Ashley Biden's diary [video]
House to vote on measure that reigns in the out-of-control administrative state
Antifa attacks immigrant families over gay pride school board vote
As usual, latest mass shooting is in a "gun-free zone"
Left-wing pub's hit piece on Clarence Thomas "reveals" ethics charges he was officially cleared of over a decade ago
Iran Exploits Biden’s Fecklessness
Lululemon doubles down on allowing thieves to run rampant
Apparently, only homosexual activists are allowed to boycott companies they don't agree with
College opens "feminist" mini-golf course
Progressives Are Purely Emotional
Faltering Chinese economy weighs on world stock markets
The "science" of The Left looks and sounds a lot like Eugenics
Yet another COVID-19 "conspiracy theory" turns out to be true
J6 Democrats added fake audio to security footage used in primetime broadcast.
Insiders claim Mike Pence refused to overturn 2020 election when he could have in exchange for big money backing in 2024
Elon Musk Burns Woke Target After Stock Downgraded
It's not reparations, it's greed and vengeance
NYC rolls out crackhead vending machines, complete with pipes and overdose meds, all for FREE
It Doesn’t Matter That Joe Biden Is a Corrupt, Doddering, Old Pervert
Lies We Shouldn’t Have Told Our Children
Katie Baker, executive editor of the Daily Beast website, purposely misinterprets "Where Woke Goes To Die" to launch vile, lie-filled attack on Casey DeSantis
Orlando Magic's Jonathan Isaac, the NBA player who refused to bend the knee for BLM, launches pro-Christian and pro-Patriot clothing line [video]
Utterly incompetent Kamala Harris just a "Biden-fall" away from becoming America's first affirmative action president

California's racist and sexist quota system shot down by federal district court
"Men do not menstruate" - 5th grade teacher crushes nonsensical gender identity activists with simple biology facts [video]
Fox News suffers massive 44% drop in prime demographic since Tucker Carlson's departure
Google Glass 2.0? Apple unveils its $3,500 MR headset, stock immediately falls
FBI director continues to hide damaging report about Biden's $5M bribery scheme from Congress, faces contempt charges
Elementary sex education class promoted puberty blockers as "helpful during puberty"
A Wall Street trader made a $7.5 million windfall on a suspiciously-timed investment ahead of a surprise debt limit deal concession
Florida mayor arrested for voter fraud, faces 15 years in prison
California school district pays more than $52M to settle cases over ignoring allegations of child sex abuse by aide
Arkansas thug picks wrong family to attack, shot by pregnant mom [video]
Chicago residents enraged over plans to spend $51,000,000 on supporting 500 migrants for just 30 days ($3400/person/day)
Dutch farmers score massive victory over bureaucrats trying to force them out of business [video]
Even Californians don’t want Dianne Feinstein in Senate anymore
GOP Voters Favor Trump Over DeSantis Nearly 2-to-1
DOJ’s Pence Decision Lays Groundwork for Excusing Biden While Prosecuting Trump
This has always been the shortsighted corporate gamble of the Woke Wars — there's never been a communist revolution that did not devour itself.
New York Times ridiculed over ‘slobbering’ article spinning Biden’s Air Force Academy faceplant
Family of 24-Year-Old Who Died After COVID Vaccine Files Groundbreaking Lawsuit Against Biden Administration
Target supports group calling for closure of Mt Rushmore as "symbol of white supremacy"
“They said abortion up to the time of birth, right?”
Only one MLB team standing firm against pressure to celebrate gay pride month
US Army's wokeness march continues with renaming Fort Bragg as "Fort Liberty"
Corporations feeling the conservative heat, pull pride logos less than a week into gay pride month [video]
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