It's hard to believe, but I cried even harder looking at the sneak-peeks than I did at the wedding. I can't believe how beautiful they are! Thank you, thank you, thank you! We love our wedding book, you made us look like celebrities! And thank you for leaving out you-know-who ... :)
— Karen K.
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April 20, 2014

The streak is broken

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wedding, Jacksonville FL
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Well, after almost six years we finally had a wedding get rained out. Not just rained out, it was a flat-out monsoon for an hour or so. Although I feel bad for Megan & Jeff, they still had a lovely ceremony and great reception inside Walker’s Landing. I guess once every six years is still a pretty good record …

April 7, 2014

Such a sweet bride

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Hilliard Mansion wedding, Hilliard FL
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We’ve never had a bad experience with a bride, much less a Bridezilla. Generally our brides are quite nice with the occasional one succumbing a bit to the stress. But Kirrie really stood out last Saturday as one of the sweetest, kindest brides we’ve ever had. We just absolutely loved working with her. Adam, if she’s half as nice to you as she was to us, you’re in for a long, happy marriage.

April 3, 2014

Shocking Conclusion

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Diamond D Ranch wedding, Jacksonville FL
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Last week I competed in the Spring Salon (photo competition) conducted by the Jacksonville Professional Photographers Guild. I was pleased when three of my four images received merits and very excited when one of my images scored a 91 (out of 100) which put it in the “Superior” rating category. At the end of the night, I received the third-place ribbon in the Illustrative section and a first-place in Social Events.

At this point I was really happy and not even paying attention anymore, chatting with Samantha about how well we did. Suddenly I realized they were calling my name again because I had won “Best Of Show”, the judges’ favorite photograph out of the 80 that were submitted! The winner, “My Little Girl”, is shown. Just click on the image to see a larger view.

The photo was from a wedding we had photographed just 10 days earlier. As soon as I saw the way the father was holding his daughter, with those huge rugged hands on her back, I knew I had a chance at at special image. I just had no idea how special …

March 29, 2014

Another rain-free ceremony

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Laytn's Land-n wedding, Yulee FLIn all the weddings we’ve done over the years, we’ve only had one ceremony get rained out. And that was back in 2008! So we have a long string of success in avoiding rainy weather.

But last Saturday it looked like our winning streak was over. Heavy cloud cover, small showers popping up and predictions for 65% chance of rain at ceremony time. Everyone was all set to relocate indoors in the Party Barn at Laytn’s Land-n.

But, like so many times before, just a little while before the ceremony the clouds began to break up and the sun started peaking through. By the time Ashley walked down the aisle, we had lots of sunshine and a nice cool breeze. It’s hard to imagine ordering up a more perfect day. We finished with a lovely sunset for some stunning portraits …

March 20, 2014

Shiny, Happy People

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Diamond D Ranch wedding, Jacksonville FLWe really loved photographing Jacob & Rhonda’s wedding at the Diamond D Ranch last weekend. Great weather, beautiful venue, wonderful people. We got a lot of wonderful images and a half-dozen great ones. Here’s my personal favorite from the day …

March 16, 2014

Diamond D Ranch was great!

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Diamond D Ranch wedding, Jacksonville FLYesterday’s wedding at the Diamond D Ranch, located on the Westside of Jacksonville, was a great experience. Family owned and operated, it’s a wonderful setting out in the country suitable for elegant weddings as well as informal, country affairs. The owners are warm and friendly and their daughter K’leigh was one of the best, most-organized and conscientious coordinators we’ve ever worked with. We had a great time at a lovely venue and hope to work there a lot more in the future!

March 12, 2014

One of our weddings in the Florida Times-Union

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The TU publishes a regular column called “I Do, I Do” about weddings with unique, interesting backstories. We photographed Matt & Pam’s wedding last November and it was one of our very favorites. The TU did a story on Matt & Pam featuring one of our photos (not one of the better ones, though). This is our second time being featured! Check it out!

Photography 101 Sold Out

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Our Spring session of Photography 101 is now sold out.

March 7, 2014

Photo thief caught!

This happens all the time.  You need to very, very careful when hiring a wedding photographer …

A professional photographer from Florida contacted WKBN 27 First News saying her photography work had been stolen and was being used by a local wedding company as samples of its own work  … 

Dana Goodson received a call a few days ago that left her pretty upset. A photo watchdog group called Photo Stealers asked Goodson if she knew that photos from her wedding business were showing up on the website of a Shenango Valley business called L&B Photography …

Photo Stealers posted several photos, claiming they actually came from Goodson, but L&B was using them as examples of its work. Goodson said the images were altered to remove her identifying information …

The controversy started after a bridal show this past weekend in Sharon. Goodson said Photo Stealers showed her a picture that was very surprising.  “Photo Stealers was able to obtain an image of this wedding photographer in front of her booth at the show, and in the background of the booth I can see my images,”

See the full story at

March 5, 2014

Photography 101 coming soon!

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After an eight-month hiatus, our Photography 101 class is back!  Our next session will start March 31.  Eight 90-minutes classes (Mondays @ 6:30) for only $95!  Click here for more details

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